Producing My Play: First Rehearsal


So, I wrote a play. It’s set to be about 10 minutes long. And I found a place to produce it! “The Short Play Lab” at the end of this month.

Tuesday, we had our first read through and rehearsal at Champions Studios. I’m really looking forward to the fabulous cast. Who knew…. New York is full of great actresses! My cast is 4 lovely ladies, and these chicks are funny, talented and engaging.

It’s a really exhilarating to hear the words you wrote being read. It’s nerve wracking to know they are going to be performed this month!

The play is “Sell Me” is about the power of desperation. Leanne makes her living through exploitation. Enter, Mercy, an easy sale. She’s loaded, follows Leanne’s lead, and appears to be naive. On the other side of the table Mercy realizes this is not the audition she expected. Lured in, but not trapped, the hopeful model manipulates Leanne’s desperation. Mercy sees the other side of the table, and wants the power it brings.


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