Producing My First Play: Final Rehearsal


We did it! Last night was our dress rehearsal at Champion Studios.

And it’s alive… ALIVE, ALIVE!!!! The actors took on the roles and fully captured them.

They made fun, grounded, engaged brilliant choices. It is a pleasure to have such talent read words you wrote. And even memorize them!

The words say things, but the actors in their physicality, and expression really tell the story.

And the show is quick, I wrote 10 pages, it runs about 7 minutes. That’s good enough for me. I like that it moves quickly, and logically, sorta.

We tried this exercise, because the actors were so prepared. We ran the show, using various genres, styles, even famous stylized actors. I peed my pants with laughter, everyone else smartly went to the bathroom first.
I would call out things like, Rom Com, French foreign film, even Christopher Walken. It’s a short form game I’ve played in improv, but it helped keep the exploration alive. And as long as there is constant exploration the play is living and breathing theater. That’s my favorite kind. You know it keeps the “play” in a “play”.

My next step is tech rehearsal in the space. It will be Saturday. And then Opening, Saturday night. 🙂

They gonna rock it.


More info here:


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