Finishing Level 2 at the Annoyance in Brooklyn




This Friday was my final improv class at the Annoyance Theatre in Brooklyn for level 2.
The Annoyance is a theater based out of Chicago, that has recently brought classes in it’s style to Williamsburg.

The class is based on concepts found in Mick Napier’s book Improvise.

Our class was positive, personal and constructive.This allowed me to find the fun and the freedom in improvisation while stretching my skills as a performer. In class I found the confidence to play outlandishly insane, odd, vulgar, evil, and grounded and engaging ways to play characters close to myself.

In college, my favorite “Improv” memories where the reckless abandonment our practice group found when we where just playing. There was no need to impress an audience, or provide extensive justifications, or exposition. It was just play.

These classes, helped me to find that element of play again. And then the confidence to go beyond playing “safe parts”. Or without worrying about “correctness” or if someone would really think this is “how” you are. After all, it’s just “talking into the void”. As Susan Messing says,

“If you’re not having fun, you’re the asshole.”

… I don’t want to be that.


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