So much has happened last month, I’ve not had the chance to “blog” about it. (Can we take a moment to remember a time when “to blog” wasn’t a verb?!)

I was back on set with “I Killed my BFF”, playing a troubled goth teen. It felt like home to work with the crew again. They are so cool. I often find myself in awe with how worldly and unique people the people I meet on set are.


Since I played such a “dark” character, I also dyed my hair… BLACK! It was a radical transition. It is fading to a dark brown as of late, and I am trying to figure out if it is a change worth keeping.

Since, my hair is now dark, I got new headshots! (It was about time, I was dragging my feet on the whole thing.)


An unrelated note on October: I finished my AP 3 class at the Annoyance in Brooklyn.  Class is very supportive and gives me  tools to use when I perform or audition.

Speaking of which:


My improv team, Mutual Slayer, can be seen, some Tuesdays at the Queen’s Secret Improv Club until December 16th.

Mutual Slayer is part of a show, called “Blind Tiger” which features students of the Annoyance Theater in Brooklyn and Chicago. We do a form called Screw Puppies, in which someone “edits” the scenes with a black out. More on that later.

October, a true whirl-wind!


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