Good Night Terrified Child returns!


This Sunday, “Good Night Terrified Child” will debut at the Annoyance as part of the “Triple Feature Show” and return to the Striker Stage at the PIT as part of Sketchfest.

Screenshot 2015-10-14 13.36.45

This time we have 20 minutes to perform some of our best work from our last re-working of the show. Some of the cast’s favorite characters were kept and new diabolical twists were added…

We were under the direction of Adam Cole for this incarnation of “GNTF”.   And in a playful and inventive style, we used improv to build and re-work characters and sketches.

I love improvising through scenes, and sketch, it keeps the work fresh.  As a performer you are kept on your toes. The dialogue, can’t be uncomfortable, or wordy, because you are making it up. Unless, you are a generally wordy and uncomfortable person. You must remain in the moment, because your partner may alter thier lines and you must respond truthfully, as to that character’s truth.

My cast is, as per usual, stellar. And I can’t wait to kick off this weekend of insanity and love with all terrified children.



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